Daniel Robinson

Has your first 18 months at CFG Law lived up to expectations?

The first 18 months have exceeded expectations.  I’ve been fortunate to have spent 16 out of the 18 months in the Catastrophic Injury Department.  In a short space of time I’ve been involved in some incredibly interesting and complex cases dealing with a wide range of injuries in 7 figure cases.  I didn’t expect to be progressing through my training contract alongside assisting on the firms highest valued cases within 18 months so it has been a very eye-opening start to my legal career – being thrown into the deep end has been great for my development.

Describe a typical day for you.

I couldn’t describe a day as being ‘typical’ because they do vary so much.  I so often plan out my days and they often stray of course just from a quick call from a client, a defendant or even a supervisor asking for assistance.  That is what makes working at CFG so interesting, I can walk into the office thinking how my day is going to go but there is always something that crops up during the day.

Some typical tasks, however, can involve drafting court documents, taking witness statements and corresponding with medical experts or treatment providers.  There are so many tasks that can arise on a wide array of cases and this makes every day different – which makes it more exciting!

Can you describe your working relationship with your immediate team and Supervisor?

I have a great relationship with both my team and my supervisor.  Our team all work very close together and everyone is happy to help on each other’s cases; lead fee earners will often get different trainees involved on their cases in order to assist until the case is settled and to establish a good team relationship with the client throughout.

Everyone is incredibly approachable and patient; I value the one on one time I get with each fee earner because you learn so much from each of them form the different ways they work and the cases they have been involved on.  They have all helped to develop my career in so many ways.

Do you have any application advice you can offer new applicants?

Show your passion for wanting to be involved in Personal Injury.  If you could give examples perhaps of how and why you have chosen Personal Injury then I think that is exactly what the firm are after.  Everyone I work with in my team is keen to ensure that those who have been wrongly injured are provided with the right treatment and eventually get the right settlement when the case concludes.

Personally, I applied to be involved in Personal Injury because it was the elective I was most interested about studying whilst I was doing my LPC and have seen a member of my family be involved in a personal injury claim.  Make your application as relevant as possible and ensure that your passion for PI stands out!