Natasha Ulph

How has your career progressed at CFG Law and how have you been supported through this?

I started a CFG Law back in 2008 as a Trainee Solicitor.  At the time I was 1 of 5 Trainees at the firm and they had a real desire to train individuals and help them onto their chosen career path.  I was supported throughout my training contract to further my knowledge and understanding and was offered a position in the Serious Injuries Department upon qualification.  I was further supported in this role and encouraged to progress in the firm and was promoted to Associate Solicitor in 2014.  CFG Law really encourages their staff to develop and progress and is still supporting me to advance for further promotion in the future.

What have been your highlights of working at CFG Law?

One of the main highlights for me has definitely been seeing the development of the Client First Service and the firm wide shift to focus on rehabilitation and support for our clients right from the outset.  This service really does encompass and demonstrate what CFG Law are all about.  Through working at CFG Law, I am able to support individuals and help them to put their lives back together.  Another highlight has to be being promoted to Associate Solicitor so quickly after qualifying and having my hard work recognised and rewarded.

What is it about CFG Law which has kept you at the firm so long?

The evolution of the firm and seeing how it’s changing in the market is really interesting to me and I’ve enjoyed being a part of that process.  CFG Law has found innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition and provide something different; I’m excited to see what the future holds.  I also enjoy working with dedicated, like-minded individuals who are truly driven to helping clients.

How would you describe the culture at CFG Law?

I would describe the culture at CFG Law as inclusive – everyone works together to the same ends and strives for excellence.  There is always someone to turn to for help, no matter the question.  All colleagues are extremely passionate about what they do and support each other no end.