Our Vision

We do what we do because we want to help.

We recognise that an injury affects far more than just the individual affected. Their immediate family can then be the next most affected, together with close friends and then that injury impacts on all those other people wanting to help, including healthcare professionals, police family liaison officers, charities, etc.

To be effective we have to work together with everyone involved as a team and including insurers. This is why our purpose is to help those affected by injury – together.

In 2014, we conducted market research which concluded that the most important element to someone who has suffered an injury is their well-being and deserve to get their life back exactly as it was before the injury with limited interest in financial recompense. Whilst sadly in many cases recovery to their life pre-injury is unlikely we work with our clients to identify and achieve their new goals in life.

This is why our focus from day one is on doing what we can to help meet our clients’ needs towards those goals. We provide support and guidance as well as the best legal advice every step of the way.

We look to use the claims process to access funding or fund rehabilitation ourselves to help our clients achieve as quick and complete a recovery as possible.


We keep on top of the latest developments and play our part in raising awareness of the latest research on subjects such as spinal cord injury treatments, concussion injuries, chronic pain, etc., as well as new developments in aids and equipment and assistive technology.


Our goal is to be a Centre of Excellence and the natural choice for those seeking assistance for themselves, a friend or family member, a patient or otherwise. In doing so, we aim to lead the way by providing an exceptional service which others will follow.


Our values of Support, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork (SPIRIT.) underpin everything we do and reflects what is important to us. For more information on our Core values, please visit the Our Culture page.